Our advice for a successful kayak trek

To prepare for a canoe trek during several days here are a few recommendations:

Choose a trek taking in consideration
your physical health,
level of experience,
period of the year (spring, summer, fall).


The canoe treks shown on this website are accessible to everyone, with a few conditions:

  • Know how to swim for 25 m and stay underwater,
  • Wear a life jacket and closed shoes during the entire time of your trek.

Attention: each river may be subject to specific navigation regulations (eg in Ardèche must also be more than 7 years, prohibited fires in the Natural Reserve, wild bivouac strictly prohibited, navigation schedule to comply…)

It is important to check with the chosen lessor of the regulations in force on the river.

Small recommendations – equipment:

Remember to choose your clothing carefully; it won’t be the same depending on the season for your canoe-camping trek.
Bring a cell phone and its charger,
Sunglasses and a hat will allow you to see the surface of the water more clearly,
Wear waterproof shoes (if needed you can find these for sale on our sites).

Small recommendations-nutrition:

Bring a minimum of 2L of water/person/day and ensure you can access it easily in the boat. Beware! Even if the water in the river is clear, it can be non-drinkable.
Bring sufficient food for your trek,
For longer treks, plan a few breaks in the village to refuel (be careful about opening hours, shops are often closed in the afternoon).

Make sure you limit your impact on the environment to a minimum during your trip.

What to bring?

Here is a list of the basic equipment you might need during your next canoe-camping excursion.

This is a non-exhaustive list and you can update with every outing and experience!

Camping equipment: Tent (avoid self-opening types), sleeping bags, mattresses, cover, rope, lamp or forehead lamp, and newspaper….

Kitchen equipment: food, dish wear or canteens, glasses, camping stove, gas, skillet, biodegradable soap, can opener, aluminium, trash bags, matches or lighter, candles, multi-function, bags, waste bags…

Clothes: navigation clothes and change, short and long sleeves, warm clothes, shorts and/or pants, swimsuits, rain gear, underwear, hat, shoes, sandals, clothes to change in…

Personal belongings: cell phone, sunglasses, gourd, camera, binoculars, mosquito repellent, lip balm, sun cream, bath towel, soap and shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper as well as a first aid kit…

Be Eco:

The canoe is a clean means of transportation. You will meet an exceptional fauna and flora that requires a responsible attitude to associate pleasure of discovery and respect for nature.
Discover eco actions to take during your hike Canoeing :

  • Emphasize the easily stowable gourd your boat
  • Limit your food packaging
  • Keep your garbage with you until you find a bin and selective sorting bins
  • Learn about the regulations applied in natural areas you cross and stick
  • Be respectful of fauna and flora ( protected species)

Choose your french river and discover canoe and kayak trek :